Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tim McGraw 2010

So on May 25 I attended my 6th (yes, I did hit the correct key) Tim McGraw concert. My cousin Terri and her boyfriend were in town to be my dates to the show. Neither of them had ever seen Tim in concert before and I have to tell you how lucky they were! This show was the best show I have seen him do, hands down!!! It was amazing! He played 90 minutes straight of his biggest, rockin'est hits. It was awesome!!!! But let me back up and tell you about his opening acts.

Love & Theft opened the show. They were decent, although they looked more like extras from the "Karate Kid" rather than a country music band.

Next was the chart-topping trio, Lady Antebellum. I saw them two years ago when they first came onto the music scene and they immediately became my favorite new group. I was very excited to see them again and they did not disappoint! They sang for about an hour and rocked the house. I truly believe that they are following in the footsteps of Sugarland and will win many awards in the future.

Before Tim took the stage, the lights went out and the Phil Collins' hit "In the Air Tonight" began to play. What an awesome way to rev up the crowd!!! Tim took the stage in leather pants (and man did they look sexy!!!) and a white tee. He explained to those who had never been to one of his shows that he and his band don't bullshit. They understand how hard their fans work to be able to attend their shows and they don't want to let us down. They just play and sing. And boy did they!

Tim brought out the Warren Brothers (who I love!!!) and sang "Blank Piece of Paper" and "If You're Reading This". He did his cover of "Tiny Dancer" (one of my absolute favorites) and brought out a guitar. He explained that he hawked his high school ring for his first guitar, not so he could become famous but so he could get laid! He sand the first song he ever learned to play, Alabama's "Feels So Right". He rocked his hits from his cd named after his band, The Dance Hall Doctors. Man, he just rocked!!!!!

It was awesome! I can't wait until the next time he comes back to town!!!!!!!!!

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