Sunday, May 2, 2010

TAH2 - Liberty For All

I am so stoked to get to participate in the second Teaching American History (TAH2) grant through the Fresno County Office of Education. This is an awesome grant in which 30 lucky teachers (elementary included) get to focus on the beginnings of our great country and learn new ways in which to implement this knowledge in our classrooms. Included in this grant are resources from the fabulous Teachers Curriculum Institute (lovingly referred to simply as TCI by those of us who use it), collaboration with elementary and secondary (middle and high school) history-social science teachers from all over the Valley, a workshop with advisors from Fresno Pacific University, a one day field study with the Fresno County Historical Society, a six day summer institute/training, and (drum roll please....) a six day field study in Colonial Williamsburg, VA! Maybe stoked doesn't really describe my enthusiasm!!!!

Today was the very first TAH2 workshop. We got the opportunity to work with the awesome TCI material with the help and advisement of some wonderful FPU people (for those of you who know my history with FPU, no one from that drama is involved!). We also got the opportunity to share some of our own experiences with the TCI lessons. In addition to this supplemental material, we were introduced to a wonderful website called Cicero. It is chalk full of lessons, handouts, guided reading questions, etc. that cover the California history standards. i can't wait to use a few of the power points this next week!

This grant is guaranteed for three years, with possibility of being extended to a fourth and fifth year. Year two's field study will be in Washington DC and year three's will be at various Civil War sites! If we are extended to years four and/or five, the field studies will take place in New York and Civil Rights areas in the South, respectively. This is a dream come true for this history nerd!!!!! I can't wait to take in all these great experiences and opportunities!

Stay tuned, as I will be reporting all along the way :)

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